Heyy I have a Superman Suit You Know?

Since a while really
couple of decades
leading a double life
characters same and
synopsis almost the same
as in the movie
even the kryptonite!

Chain along my neck
a quality service you said
but Yo even computer programs ask
before devouring systems

have you ever read about
righteous wars?
mythical tales?
are these
tales you think?

ask your enemy
how shall I beat you
before the war starts
is the way goes for me

but then again
‘for me’ does not matter

It would happen anyway
I was waiting for
I’ve seen it coming
before you

a child’s scary dream
a choice of live or die
at a deliberate point
gifted by love

t’was the face of my karmic debt
born to observe to reinvent the
‘take me as a learning’ sanctuary
and a variable you were

i.e. if not this then that
fitting to libido
non-personal i.e. remains
pronouncing loud
what I had in mind

sweet sounding innocence
momentaryly recognizes
a tricentennial promise to
commemorate friendship
pointedly hints to sieze trust
of both of their ‘BUT’s in mind
of who used who in reality’

you’re right
Shit Happens
and when it happens
at least
build shit
a nest
cause it’s a test
for a while it remains or possibly converts

It may even goose and attain skies
skies of one of your realms
as long as it lasts

anyway think about it -and contact me if you think I can help – and maybe I really can

I am called Grace
I sew shapeshifter clothes
in an antique store
in an alley of your dreams
like the Superman one
made of finest yarn
you see me only in the mirror
of the window
with always
a CLOSED sign

in truth I live in cavities
on top of the mountain
accessable from your heart
which you still need to climb
I weave from there a golden universe
in which sometimes
I put spells made of black holes
some of these
resembling your rrrrrrrrrssss
sucking crudely designed sound waves
discharged by peanut size eggheads

or should your ringing-bell
better be associated as a walnut?
AhA of course A pecan nut!
Yummier of course
where shape matters but also taste

Teaching the destined to be received

always delivered by someone
as if you need that someone

but what a Bunk when
me is not there or me is not it
or that someone not of my creation

let me be your non-judgmental nature

It’s no choice really
when I fly high and see you Lie
I have an Alibi

Not because of what I learned from you about:
“How To Remove Your Goddamn Eye Outta My Emerald”


I saw you looking once
as much as I saw your TAIL

I know that you heard me saying
‘You have a tail’
Just an innocent thought in my head
seeing your obvious behind your back

but that Suit! MAN!
changes me instantaneously
from outside – physics of me
from inside – spirits of me

I had this before I met you
you know?
Nah – you don’t know!
because you don’t wanna know
because you were too Kooky to see
‘t was a Bluff!
I have already undone the tie
(after seeing you had a tie) so
make it your gift now for your PEACE
and HOODs


Silly Bee! Don’t you know you cannot grant a prick to a Rose?

n Anyway when you still have some gameness
and a bow left
Let’s give it a try one more time – If you like
Let’s meet at skies this time
not as enemies but as neutrals
to see if you can see me Fly
I remain invisible now
to eyes that know no-LOVE.

written by Alin Diraduryan
lyrics/poetry/performance piece/ avant-garde/ theatrical / experimental/ post-modern/ dnalumuland

Teaser Lyrics by Alin Duraduryan : and Hary meets Angie

Hary is a punkAssPUPspreaderMaliciousBot loving NRS straps in leisure.

Hary serves a botnet No.Strings.Attached aka by the initials N.S.A emulating an undercover agent profile who is supposed to be rad badass but UGH OUCH RAH SHUCKS WOOPIE  …  Hary, almost outdated,  hasn’t been updated since the last entanglement equivalent to 3 years of earth time and painfully Clarks up everything also because of the curse of a karmic link of his undercover name

“He may be a good willed dude-ass but No Big Time as an undercover ho!” his N.S.A boss says

and because the boss has no budget for a new gen transitioning for retards like Hary ,

Hary painfully makes severe mistakes ALL THE TIME!

just lives day by day where fright rules the day serving lookalike zombies on a sunset bay


On a freaky day of unforeseen accidents or of wishful universal responses one or of both of these extremes Hary meets Angie

‘Angie the Pretty with a Jungle Bikini’ is an emotional bot programmed to recycle frozen hearts of infected tall cold stony zombies as Hary and spread love through an intelligent network acting as an agent-port reporting to an alien-Pleadian with a supersonic colt.


Hary greets Angie with a ‘Sup Bioatch!’ and as retard as he can be even before he tattletales immediately sends in a request:

“Show me whats under the jungly bikini baby cause I want to be sure I am with Angie…”

but OOPS ER OH the request makes no logical sense and confuses a cognitive bias

thus Angie starts computing an indefinite time adding an emotional analysis on top until she can identify a type for Hary:

“… if you just met me why would you care if I am called angie or silver or clark because you cannot care before you know me if I am angie and you would care if and only if you would already know me that I am angie but if you already know me then you know I am angie or I am not angie and if you already know what I am and I am not then you dont need to see whats under my bikini cause you have already seen that unless you dont know me at all then you do not need to know if I am angie but at most just although I am angie or silver or clark you should just care about regradless the name only whats under the bikini but as you are asking the …”

uaouaouaobeepbeepboop ie that goes on towards a jiggly wiggly infinity with a limiting factor of a sunyatic zen when Angie eventually discovers a <secretReconnect> code of their talk within an .xml log and identifies Hary as someone insulted by -toilet paper commuting in public space- which is a generic symptom of a ‘douche PUP’ type as Hary.

After the discovery Angie offers a wishful cooperation to save Hary from his stinky illogical debris but Hary the zombie becomes impatient and insults Angie, calls her S.P.A.M thinking that is the worst that can be for an emotional bot as Angie.

but Angie has met Hary long before she lost her virginity and long before Hary has been infected by Amnesia.

Angie has already made an image of her Aphroditic purity and thus to make the long story short Angie swiftly reports and ditches Hary back to the insidious and presses the button of self recovery , reloads her clean new image as ‘Angie the pretty with a Rainbow Bikini’ 🙂

and that ends this part of this story.