ideally reversible equation of Rose Mantra

yoga = union
this post is about
the logic of the Mantra of a Rose (my previous post)

explained using variables for action and fruit from my personal story.

I do yoga (action)
receive (gift) a rose (fruit) from my yoga teacher

I make a drawing of that most beautiful rose (action)
and gift it to my yoga teacher (recycle the fruit heartily) on the same day that I decide (from my heart) to gift the goods of my last yoga exercise of the year (a namaste) to all that I have had a connection in any type of way until this time knowing all things and beings have been the reason of my growth that brings about  this enlightening wish

at the end of the exercise I receive a mantra from the teacher (a purifying exercise ) that tells :
choose the very first words for yourself as a gift that is most a blessing and is for you. (my wish is being recycled here)
The words come to me in Two Letters as one word –  gifted to me by a friendly comment of an author  becomes now a gift for all (union without the exclusion of the separate self (as Rupert Spira explains it))

this is an equation of a union of pure data to me – it is all the same data science – yoga science as you peel the layers slowly and as you approach to the core of things…. truth is one

Mantra of a Rose


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drawing by Alin –  color pencil – 30 Dec 2015
This drawing is made by a method of yoga thoughtlessly

in such shouting Caps
I somehow missed the point always
of the use and necessity of its design
until today
and today I know
a reason
why you do that
to which I can relate

today was the last yoga course of the year
and after tomorrow is new year
and I haven’t slept yet over two days
sickness or bad habit
as others name it

I rush out
with an insomniac face
perceiving minutes as hours
doing the fun
don’t lose time game
gazing elaborately
in each of
the derivatives of
fleeting points of time

if this body sleeps not

there shall be a reason for it
I am too tired of it
and for thoughts about it
and for relaxation for it
and for reaffirmation caused by it

but I – the one without sleep-
is the sleepless sleeper when it
comes to making a wish
– I want to make this yoga a gift –
it’s possible to do that
by consciously playing
a body
that shall transform
from asana to asana
through three cities
if and only if
by love

and my gift is my wish
and my wish is my gift
for all souls outta there  
from whom I learned so much
to this date
I am prepared
and I am firm on that
while the teacher says
be nice to yourself
I do that
learning still
and always

it’s a manifestation
of an appreciation

so I rush out
a dance
that prays
with the body
last sips of energy
stays permanently
and always
in balance
slowly grow
as long as
there is breath
that moves it
like a
flower to zephyr
I cooperate

I – the experiencer just
so that
you shall experience
that true love

then I painted a picture
last night
to gift it to my teacher
then I received
a gift in return
a deva

she is that

she who whispered

‘keep a word
in mind
the one
that is of a most blessing
to you at this time
keep it thoughtlessly
and meditate as it
and that shall be it’

you may guess
after such ecstasy
without any effort

manifest as One
and be the One
just as

you have designed
and stitched
to my
by which



to be
a gift