The Play

written and captured by Alin

once seen
the play starts

some watch
some play

those that watch
assume the minds
of those that play

those that watch
reduce to finite form

those that play
read the minds
of those that watch
in flashes  


as if poetry

the play takes shape

flashes fall out of the loop
to remain
at timeless place


manifesting itself
-as if themselves-
changing the course of one reality
through perceived appearances

the play reshapes perpetually
gradually transmuting
to a material
of poetic observation

but poetry
as a matter of fact
remains contradictory
to its nature
and breaks
the isotropic loop of
knowing the unknowingly

the watch becomes the play
the player the watcher
the watcher the player

to pause once means
to wonder about
what has never been observed

once the very source
is seen as is 
the unseen

the play ends