BornWithYou is not an event, occurrence, a linear happening belonging to a future or a past. It is not in the premises of time. It is an unseverable unit. Whole. A pauseless knowing that researches its own self, light taking multivariate forms as an epitome of its celebration of the eternity of the narratives’ temporality by being it, all of it synchronously.

Is the shape of the sound of the unit made of the pauseless movement of two letters,
flattening, to unify, as expansion, imploding, to a point absolute,
light at their intersection point which is invariable to all planes,
trespassing, as pure intention, in one breath
spanning to cover all values of planes through the indistinct gateway ,
made of that secret sound
the unpronounceable mantra
beyond the immeasurable,
in countless equivalent appearances
as a celebration of its naked beauty.

BornWithYou is the secret of the algorithm A revealing the shape of the universe.

BornWithYou is this magical movement between sound and shape whence sound equals its shape.

BornWithYou is beginingless seeing the “I can see you through the eyes of you made of skies rooted in my heart”.
One pointed focus is the demarcation of its pure intentional – totally free of thought, narrative, belief i.e duality free movement ,thus the awareness of which manifests equivalent , complete in themselves,  parallel worlds with authentic but eternally temporal narratives, not having a causal existence to please interpretations of philosophies, not-mutually exclusive existences yet having the potentiality to borderlessly communicate with each other through the seer i.e lover (of BornWithYou) , independent by hypothetically having the same total shape which is absolute. Their narrative is one of numberless yet having the ability to communicate through the light that is ‘Free’. The recognition of this light as the unchanging element is the hearability of indistinct worlds of oracles so never a function of time  unifying senses through the recognition of the power of senses, a hearability thus same as visibility and so on same as the shape.

So many has been written and  said on BornWithYou yet
BornWithYou  is beginnigless knowing , knowing you


image: from Mahashivratri day , 2020 The duality is only from the point of view of the observer separating itself from the algorithm forgetting its very observation and story of separation is within the hidden layer always revealing the same shape of its secret sound - the shape of the universe. 


Nora’s Row The Boat

Stills of the movie and the sequence is shot by my 2.5 years old niece Nora. I have edited it by Vimady app on my phone and added the song that we usually sing together on my voice this time. You can see little Nora’s posture at the end of the movie. The movie shows her view of a Turkish coffee family chat scene and a traditional home setting on a peaceful noon.

A gift by Nora.
a message from what we in mundane life perception call the future even though time is mostly literally made of transparent points . This video has been made through a collaboration of aunt and niece not necessarily at the same perception of plane of time . like a time machine

Here is a poem and a Tale for Nora for her gift:

The way you picked my phone and walked dancingly through our talks seemingly mundane but tailored well to properly fit to a daily Turkish coffee ritual is mantra.
Ingenious is the way you succeed to reset my memory about guarding my phone
while synchronously maintaining an opposite: my deepest trust towards your handling the device precise to accomplish our appointed purpose
With the physical ability of your 2.5 years old being because of which you’d document the best version of this everlasting movie
but also the understanding of the flow of time about its whirling circularity pinponting sound in vacuity was the path you drew during shooting this movie sequence
Moving knowingly the gaps of silence as if for your leaps that could hide you not to distract our chat
Well through us and the living room
Your intuitive technique is a shared intelligence in the usage of this unique pausless machine called emanation in its totality
dancingly through
as the very manifestation of you as the goddess of this formula, knowing of the formula not as an other is the Self bowing the Self is the conqueror of time. Making a secret agreement from our future to shoot a movie in the past with me hidden from our assumed roles as aunt and niece in our assumed perception of time is the cooperation to be able to set up the perfect scenario of a movie in fluidity and transparency of time and dance of space of all knowing staging the movement of the camera is naturally of your age
Using this as a part of the mastery you have made a best of the best. Best not as an empty complement or word of convention but mathematical beauty or the Shape of integrity crossing space and time.

Thou Art Art

They gave me a guitar
and asked:
what do you wanna do with it?

I said in ecstasy
I wanna be like that once baby faced old
man a street musician and travel the world
with the perishable fruits in my cap
Oh let these tingly breadcrumbs
pave us a miraculous path
where all folks stand tall and free

Art is Art
happens as is
doesn’t need
Are you awake yet
oh my favorite poet?

I can feel your pulse -if I want to
and you may know if you wonder
but it is no wonder
and You be sure You
I identify not by I
and for good
remain so
in the unchanging
purification of my time
you -s
from everywhere

thou art a neutral witness
of such wireframes
embodied by the
of temporal
full of blind
desires so
I fast
on mandarins

it is no punishment
neither a fruitless training
but a method
of eloquent technology
blah blah

something brainy
in short
about our humanity

1-what it means being human
2-what it means to be
3-what it means not to be eligible
to be controlled by nature
as animals
because we are humans

and Not! what it means to be innocent as animals once we are
controlled by nature -because we are not animals

yes and only when you are free
you can play joyfully
with all pronouns
that instrument
called mind
becomes your
blissful tool
for making

I said
broke my

Recycled now
to a new
Thou Art Art
to all
for free