But s/he ,
s/he who had a dream
was in your dream
to tell you
a secret
given to it
by an ascetic
in its dream

The warrior
s/he said
is who you really are

that’s why
you should be
here and now
an avatar
of countless postures of you

an energy
which can convert
is to be delivered to
the identical selves
invisible aural tunnels

These resonate ideally
remain non-audible
except for the two
communicating ends.

s/he or it
in your dream
-might have been a messenger
a messenger to deliver you the message-
was linked
in a sense that you might not want
but should honor
for the upcoming task
set on the warrior’s path

and you two
have one great number
a written secret

s/he or it has acquired
through an ascetic
in its dream
and you
from it
in your dream
in a form
that you won’t forget
but which
nobody will ever notice or
find back

on a side of a white torn bit
in the house of the spirit
the path of truth should be received

As a Choice Only
in Full Consciousness
with Full Knowing Only

when once received
truth as love
is one way exit
you must know-make it your gift

longing incites the illusive
when illusive is incited
a rose fragrance
to stop the four.petalled turn
the Visionary.Imaginary whips shadows
to block the true sight

you lose then your moon cycles
step on a thorny dark edge
to be tested
to find the way to truth
to find means to create the path

intuition is your only : trust the breadcrumbs
and the upright flying bird
has the breath of genuine
to set the next vibratory path

at both ends
of a stretched  line
twin natures should awaken
in rhyme
and be made one
let then the following program run:

opposite charges to return a kiss
a kiss to collapse the helix
right there
as far as the integers of the soul’s string
the exit to truth lies at a clearing

Walk the cave made of the living
illuminated by the full moon’s shine
Let your cycle return before dawn

so ends an end by you two as Two becomes One
It’s just a dot or a line or a number which ends and starts.
There is no difference really at a place without Time.
or at an eternal frequency which is timeless.

We cannot tell you more.
That’s all our nature allows us to know.