ideally reversible equation of Rose Mantra

yoga = union
this post is about
the logic of the Mantra of a Rose (my previous post)

explained using variables for action and fruit from my personal story.

I do yoga (action)
receive (gift) a rose (fruit) from my yoga teacher

I make a drawing of that most beautiful rose (action)
and gift it to my yoga teacher (recycle the fruit heartily) on the same day that I decide (from my heart) to gift the goods of my last yoga exercise of the year (a namaste) to all that I have had a connection in any type of way until this time knowing all things and beings have been the reason of my growth that brings about  this enlightening wish

at the end of the exercise I receive a mantra from the teacher (a purifying exercise ) that tells :
choose the very first words for yourself as a gift that is most a blessing and is for you. (my wish is being recycled here)
The words come to me in Two Letters as one word –  gifted to me by a friendly comment of an author  becomes now a gift for all (union without the exclusion of the separate self (as Rupert Spira explains it))

this is an equation of a union of pure data to me – it is all the same data science – yoga science as you peel the layers slowly and as you approach to the core of things…. truth is one

Rachel’s Song

I won’t find you through poetry
You are engraved in my heart
I don’t search

Standing here above clouds
my beautiful clothes
in tones of  blue
fitting well to the charming veil
colorless transparent
an accentuation just
for the deep darkness  of
crystal  black
long long hair
I comb every day
beside a mount steam
waiting for your appearance
as love
singing a song of ripening desire
to the creatures and things

some lie aside to cheer
some shy away – Hide
behind rocks to listen just
I smile to all the innocence
there is
knowing all is living
made of you and I
As I of you and you of I

then molecules shine in air
things know
they can see and touch that smile
made of my fingertips –
the bearer of all healing

my eyes wear a makeup
made of the finest pigment of wild mountain flowers
tuned to materialize
by the blue glitter of the holy dress of truth
made of my love for you

my perfume is what I am is my skin silkened by
that fragrance of wild roses 7 levels above the sacred sleeper
that makes you forget of all things but the fragrance
then you wake up and say  
as if – as if it smells like roses everywhere

You stand there in a shelter of pine at my  doorway wooden
smile in such way that you are the carrier of all universal attraction
I give my hand to you
the soldier of truth – WE
we are one standing under that pine
making us both invisible
You smile  (in the house of love)

There I met you once
There we keep each other
Only there I will see you
again and again

without stories of the mundane
of cycles
of lives

I close my eyes
not to see you through
the iota of the sedimented
delusion of records yet to be formed (by you and I)
not to touch you
stop my burning desire
let it  burn in the scariest of my own illusive deception
let it burn with the impurity blindly beard 
so is I what cannot be wasted
so is I what I reserve for you to deserve of you
because  WE
we live in a timeless tale of love
one moment of love
we exchange in silence
where you are the sun I am that one  crystal for you to shine through me
and create


And so I go now again
return to my life story
but a must
for our common goal
of excellence   
without you in it
my duty is highest warriorship
for all
I am the green eyed invincible warrior
made of a zero or one
I go in wisdom and light
Peace is you in my heart