When I think of you..

This imaginary piece has been written for my video ‘Animate Me’ : Check out at youtu.be/95Y5AhWmhY8 – I had to exclude this spoken version from the video as the line of spoken version did not fit to the genre of the video so I made a new piece / a suggestion/ maybe a new version on its own- the image is from the video

When I think of you
Your hands come true
to draw me
in two
distinct postures
of meditation
All the other frames
you animate
with your special pen
and I come alive
to dance our cadence
so that
your face gently illuminates
to inspire me dissolve
into a new distinct shape
of silence
where I admire your lines

we manifest as such
within our romance
and irreversibly
in three
we create
light of love
Sleep time
and Dawn

Something Silly (Improvisation)

A guitar addict friend was going to buy a new guitar this weekend and he stopped by.
This is what we created.  All improvised  and in one go.
Living far from each other we are challenged to work fast together
and still make it work somehow.
He prefers to keep it all simple as a product or a tribute to short time spent together.
Not polishing or making additions afterwards. ‘That’s my challenge’ I say always! and
we both somehow feel half & gloomy  when cannot create!
I reckon it is the soul of the piece that delivers us the peace to gratefully enjoy a beer afterwards 🙂

we said: “Okay let’s try”
he said  : “Something Silly”
I said : “alright”

Le Pain D’Amour

Video by Alin
Written by Alin
Performed by the Mockingbird

Le Pain D’Amour as written:

Le pain d’amour
… …
Love pain
is an analyte
with an unknown

after testing it
on voluntary and involuntary
conscious and unconscious
sick and healthy
real subjects
(some of which have sadly been eliminated )
developed a unique method
to precisely identify that unknown

Simple and Intuitive
Poetic and Soul Retrieving
Integrates a volumetric technique
Comes in with a manual
and reads like a song!:
a unique 5 step program
take it or leave it

1.Dilute first
using teardrops
drip drip
2.Titrate then with
daily small doses of halo
-emotionally chromatic-
an etheric
flees (like a bird)
so the eye sees
the color
of phlegmatic

3.Yes! That’s it! That’s it!
(you should shout like that)

because it has an important function
of adding a spirit :
an excited state of matter
bearing a thrill of a child
is essential
especially in this healing program

4.At the same time (while shouting)
you should jump and catch it of course

This adds the curve of action to the program
and punctuate it
this is also the arrival of an end point

5.Place then your Analyte in an Alembic
Allow some acidic from the mourner
to receive love/ness’ basic
(this acidic is often dangerously pathogenic
so be very precise with the amount per time)

This shall cancel out and almost equate
(in ideal conditions equally) to a
Swain’s Long Wished Twain of a Mystic Grain

So that’s it – that’s the manual! 🙂

You can even brand and sell it as ‘l’amour du pain’ !
and earn your bread with it 🙂 isn’t it nice?

Moreover it hurts no one and you gotta start
from somewhere practical right?

Afterall you are the weary survivor
of an invisible battle inside from which
some die to die some die to be born again

Yeah its your choice
Yeah even that
yeah huh so wow try and you will see
it’s no rocket science really
can be distilled on site easily.

The Exterminator

Written , video, performed by Alin Diraduryan
Drawings by Thomas Amons

The Exterminator Subs

I think i don’t need to feel guilty that I killed that bloodsucker at the bathroom
Do I ? … MMM but I still do

and I warned it since last night
Kept it there
Showed  the way to the ventilation –
It didn’t go

then I thought maybe that’s not a good exit for flying creatures
Maybe there are spiders waiting and it knows

I did not want it to be trapped so
I left the door open and made an effort
to shut the door of my bedroom

in case you know

because I normally keep the doors open
Didn’t analyze why yet but not so fond of shutting doors –

I also left the balcony door open
one whole day

after that I did the cleaning of the bathroom
even sprayed some odor afterwards

it is not my favorite you know
fake odors

but anyway

just to scare it away
in case it hasn’t gone yet

and I also told her to go away
once silently
once singingly

I cannot imagine after all
the message does not go through

and guess what

after all that effort

it was still there


waiting and buzzing like they  always do


so I attempted to flush it away

I missed first but it has slowed down already somehow
second it was gone and  done

what am I supposed to think about this
that maybe it wanted to die?
and that it wanted me to kill it?

for whatever way

I still feel sad now
replacing the buzzing to inner sobs
sob sob
sob sob

two hours later in the bathroom
damn no damn
still here
you should know what you wish for
you should know what you sob for

one day later in the kitchen
as you found your way out now
I will neatly place you in a jar
let’s see if there is a cardboard
I don’t dare really touching your leg

and off the balcony
go now
and blessed be


Hey Stranger!

a poetic jamming / improvisation / live created on site
poetry and music created on site
by guitarist Robbert van Nispen and Alin
video mix by Alin


Hey Stranger

Hey Stranger
Where do I know you from?

You just open the door
and come in
Or you have always been there
without my knowing?

Hey Stranger
Where are you from?
Hey Stranger
Where do I know you from?
Sitting by my side
When I think I am just alone

Hey Stranger
Where did you come from?
To share
The campfire

You are just a sparkle
that may
bring the Sunlight
just before the moon is disappearing
to make me
from this
Nicest dream
or am I
with you sitting here?

hey Stranger
Where are you from?
Where did you come from?
Are you real?
or just a dream?
and Stay with me

or making
It’s Loooveee
you go

Go on just
It’s the highway
we’re crossing
until we make
the sinking

will rise somewhere
where might be
a dream
or real
as long
you’re here

Hey Stranger!
Make me Real
Hey Stranger
You’re me
Sitting just
my campfire

Me is Campfire
You is Me is Stranger
Hey Stranger