White Light

she gave me white light
it looks like a light sword
making numerous echo in space
I did not ask for what …I know
no ornamental word would do

futile definitions
flashy ads
waste of breath

15 minutes of clutter
15 minutes of fame
15 minutes of a life
yep Warhol was right

empty containers
to be filled up
to create fillers
a byproduct of ego
of a selfless time
oh what an an illusion
I live in sometime
not knowing media as the bird’s call

true technology is my received gift
with me inside or you
is there a difference?

we are all embodiment
carrier of the code
essence of eternal

not to hurry though
not to resist
resist resists the self just
I cannot trespass
I shall not think to try
thinking is my only sin

why do we fight?
mo and mu were the same guy
two incarnations in one or three
born at different times
their writers failed just

the difference definer
yes definer and not the creator
‘create’ remains holy
with a spirit – like words with
spirit- running memory
activated by sound maybe

the difference definer sets bricks
of flamboyance
en route escape to escape lifetimes
invites the endless cycle of fight

could fray be for peace
and not by cowardice?
fear is my only sin
born from ignorance
of self
as in my- as in your-
not a portmanteau but
an affix by nature
so there is no difference

let fray be for peace
then A joker’s viola
let it be a joke for
a joyous while
for a joyous halftime
you don’t need do much really
if you can whistle once
under the golden sun
through your belly
somewhere in a cool place
selfless illusion fades
there is nothing else

no book could describe
as such
I have crossed libraries
with my starship
but the source light
not bound to time so yes
for whatever it was
I closed my eyes

slowly learning to dance now
along its wings
it has more to tell then its aesthetics

we cross dimensions while
we perpetually make some
the reflection the waveform
in a little note we harmonize
my fingertips- carrier of a glow
I – the particle of light
we pass
and yes after each turn
there is a you to learn from
or I to be

inspired by :
* a gift
* a friend’s research and sharing his wisdom
* a friend’s cover titled the same of Velvet Underground ‘White Light/White heat” – what an amazing song – amazing lyrics 🙂