Technology of Love#1 – Vacuum Cleaner Business

An experiment in writing and a sketch for programming:

A sketch for project proposal:

once you are in perfect balance with your senses
oops!<perfection here is to be discussed>
you will be able to touch the invisible object/s of the mind
you will be able to work with these objects
and once you do so the perception will alter
your perception of things of thoughts of senses
will be observable on selfless frequency
of and by being it all
and alter ‘the resultant perception’ – the vibration of true connectedness
i.e. we are in touch with something that we have never been able to grasp
for we have never been able to be in touch as such
once we learn working together with the invisible objects of the mind
we will be able to create ‘magic’ -let’s use the term for now-
we also come to a level of being the seer
we go through the essence of what used to be called ‘matter’
we peel off the on the surface – the rough and dense layers
of material -and will be able to touch the very core –
the essence of objects -mind objects
everything that has an objective quality is a mind object
likewise a thought is a mind object
these mind objects by which we communicate with
which we can touch and exchange
these are products of quality of awareness
by which we will be able to travel
Let’s say the contact as such creates the means of traveling
just like a vehicle
May that be the energy required to travel through the exchange?
May that be a universal balance?
May that be the perfection?
the perfect balance which we discussed?
which could create an equivalence of universal balance within ?
through the poetic exercise of the contact a universality is achieved
in this case through one means / such as of dance / of touch
so it has the same qualities of the unchanging

This through senses traveling and the contact
-which we have accomplished-
is a certain kind of higher awareness
by which through poetic exercise
we can go through levels of acknowledging observation towards its permanence
the initial process is via poetic exercise that allows us to be with the true self eventually
this is comparable to asana practice in yoga
slowly the practitioner sees that the final ideal posture is a perfection and idealization for the body (in mind) which can be reached effortlessly without the requirement of physical separateness
and as you mould to real self thoughtlessly
the body will form into the pose by pranayama
also effortlessly
this is a dance of Shakti
the final asana that has been posed into effortlessly via the natural flow of the pranayama
breath and the body shapes into is a point where Shakti and Shiva meet
in each manifestation of the posture there is a divinity
likewise communication by contact – the divine contact
which in fact created communication that can go through deeper levels of the essence of things/objects
the control and universal balance is achieved through the contact
of the unseen objects of the mind
is a divine touch – divine touch means ideal communication
for there is wondering
no loss to the surrounding
what is sent is being received simultaneously without having a causal space
this is how the information by the seers has been brought to us
the knowing about all – like healing plants – can be retrieved by such awareness, consciousness
this will enable us to see what seers have seen
gaining and by the new frequency of perception – a higher form of perception
by which you will never wish to come back to the rougher layers of consciousness – the not being hereness – the controlled ones living in a soup that can be wiped at anytime no matter what is in the soup – yoga science discusses this , Patanjali
knowing is always there and is not as a result of an equation
not via equations that starts and ends in a linear form
this is not solved as such because this is self knowing
what we have here is only understood by being it
such is love
we can discuss love only by experiencing
for certain questions about love you will need to embody the being in loveness to be able to understand it
just like the human body that we use by which we have decided to forget about what we truly are to solve our reason to use this mortal body
so says oh No i need to fall in love to be able to manifest the answers to the question that only the state of love consciousness would be able to reveal
there is only one way of understanding it is by being it – it which is absolute and belongs to all knowing or the true self
A black hole is a self-containing phenomenon
there actually is nothing new that can go inside a black hole
so there is no light that will be captured via a suction
nothing like the vacuum cleaner kind object – which btw belongs to this world –
black hole material is made of mind
the scenario that something other than itself can be caught by a black hole is a theory
the black hole is self contained – it has been formed because there are stars
it is a manifestation of what has already been there
something that is important not to forget

so theoretically whatever is being gobbled by a black-hole is the cause of the formation of the black hole but it is not after of before
there is no means of anything that the black hole will be able to take in after its hypothesized formation
whatever hypothetically has been gobbled is because of its formation and the cause of its formation
there are stellar bodies within many universes
these stellar bodies are mind objects which constitute an energy
objects residing in a universe that has endless number of coordinate points
within a bubble / a universe that they reside in and project on the membrane
A black hole is because of these universes as a point of love
anything within a universe is temporary
anything that is temporary within that universe
has a point which is permanent
anything that is temporary and subject to change is permanent by its energy
anything visual is temporary
anything sensual is temporary
it is a play
an opera
poems of love
of desire
of passion
the created symbol
the sign
carries an indestructible sign
which is permanent
that sign is called love
that is permanence

back to senses:
once you learn to touch the invisible objects of the mind
and work with them
then you will be able to slow time
when time is slowed it means that it is in perfect control of you
but you can go further than in perfect control
you can start working with time
direction infinity as limit goes to zero
that is also when you approach the event horizon
so you could say black holes are objects of love you can pass to other universes through black holes ? but

the place and of the existence of a hub
there is a hub in which and by which everything is permanent and eternal
so not subject to change
is of absolute presence – of super awareness- or of simply the true self – love and that means of knowing selflessly everything by being
what we all truly are
there is no time in that hub
there is no universe apart from us
no space between me and you
self contained point

in the scenario of a black hole there really is a separation
only from the fact that it is observable
the very observation of a thing creates the thing as a separate object of the mind
any object of mind is subject to change however with a black hole
there must then be a second/ an equivalence of the black hole
the true exchange in the hub
of divine love
is the absolute awareness
ball of silence and beingness
through exchange nothing is lost
it is ideal
and when a consciousness goes to observe a manifestation of an object of mind as a scientific test object there is a loss
therefore this might be the gate to another universe
the energy of the loss by the very act of conscious observation can serve as a vehicle to transport from one universe to the other
so it is not via the hub the divine
it is via the what is surrounding the hub
there at that point there is a loss of mind object
this is what we can observe
by loss I mean what is being sent and received there is no time gap and space in the divine
likewise when a love word is whispered by Shakti it is only heard by Shiva which has always been there there is no time gap – it is only manifestation of what has already been there in form
the interaction is via two lovers which makes it absolute
the final point is love
we can practice here in our primitive deeds we study to be able to go further and understand the technology of love
So it is through the two self conscious loving ends that the object of the hub exists
can’t say though the hub is inside the object or outside
but the hub is the place where all in one universe is stored
which serves as a window to see what is beyond creation
through linking two equivalent universes
through consciousness and equal love force
a turbulence always needs a ground to manifest on
like the earth
but in there what we call space
a black hole doing vacuum cleaner business is unlikely
there is a union



ideally reversible equation of Rose Mantra

yoga = union
this post is about
the logic of the Mantra of a Rose (my previous post)

explained using variables for action and fruit from my personal story.

I do yoga (action)
receive (gift) a rose (fruit) from my yoga teacher

I make a drawing of that most beautiful rose (action)
and gift it to my yoga teacher (recycle the fruit heartily) on the same day that I decide (from my heart) to gift the goods of my last yoga exercise of the year (a namaste) to all that I have had a connection in any type of way until this time knowing all things and beings have been the reason of my growth that brings about  this enlightening wish

at the end of the exercise I receive a mantra from the teacher (a purifying exercise ) that tells :
choose the very first words for yourself as a gift that is most a blessing and is for you. (my wish is being recycled here)
The words come to me in Two Letters as one word –  gifted to me by a friendly comment of an author  becomes now a gift for all (union without the exclusion of the separate self (as Rupert Spira explains it))

this is an equation of a union of pure data to me – it is all the same data science – yoga science as you peel the layers slowly and as you approach to the core of things…. truth is one