if you wish for snow

all that you touch
of your own
like a flower
all that you see
not other

you are everywhere
willingly confined
by a blue green line
that brought me back
and this body
for a while

O the expanding
the dance divine
and I shall stay
for the play
for it is

O the lover
pervader of all experience
rooted by free will
things move
move as if
your seat

is knowledge
flashing forth


and that’s why
if you wish

if you wish for snow
it shall snow


at places
where it snows

holy is that
soulful touch


The Moonlit Maze

O the sun
break the line of words
that search
to rhyme by words

which pulls you down
far away from me
listen just
to this unstruck

our melody
coming from the heart

O bliss

along the path of divine

Like the gaze
which makes one forget
and connect

to our equipoise

I want to exchange your face
says the moon

Sink into your heart
while the remains
of dashes made by skyants
and disappear

while the pale passage of pastels
of blue and reds
flood to sink

the colored deeper
and shrill … almost
burning a cover as if
to the color
of ashes of the mind
before the pitch-black

before the silent conversion
of tones
to dreams

seen at nights
by the inhabitants
of planes
where suns set

as objects and things
loose their assigned meanings
before the appearance of that starlight
the one that shines
like your reflection on this world

to illuminate this gift of ours

Then shall I rise again
in hearts
of all
as one

a shine of a pearl
your love manifests

a heart
made of our breath

to lead the path of
what used to be a maze

clear are the lines
through the Crystalline
of your knowing

Come she says
be my gleam
so you can smile
to the meditating ones
that welcome our phase
in many ways

You and I
Breath to breath
We gave life to each other
You and I
Breath to breath
Born from each other

moonlit, the maze
by our breath
a crystal

seed of a heart

along the hearts
of all meditating ones

O joy of awareness !
O sound of bliss !
O path of knowing!


beyond hearing
to welcome the phase
of our repose
in various ways

As sound fades
and becomes unmoved
objects loose their assigned meanings

We appear then as one
wed all cities
of dreamers
to a dreamless dream
of joy

gave breath to each other
born from each other.

drawing with pencil on paper by Alin
meditative drawing

One with the self

Oh only Once

Tuning in …




is this knowledge
All knowledge


Light of the self

not a word
not a breath

to pause for

nor a body
in truth

Has this body
ever been
other than the
lines encapsulating

Shape of
a moment

of an embrace

of this uninterrupted dance

made visible
a while

for which
by which
and as which

We dance


of life!


its immaculate
infinite sided crystal

like the germ of an
ethereal flower

delight of knowledge

Move as if

as if

so these subtleties

by the steering
of your grace


of oneness
of temporality
or of the form of you

like the child

One with the self

I wished for a candy and he appeared to offer me one and I took it

Our deliverance is always mutual
O dear one
There are no love words to love
this unspoken receipt is
only through a dance
A dance of embrace

which we rest

what is known


There is not an other

Not a mind that interferes
or somehow understands
There are no means
or all means is not other
than I
or of the truth of the self

within action
is through action

Do Stay firm thus

Maybe you’re just a star in the game
Reflecting to reserve a twinkle
for an eye
Activating one of a lover’s kind of gaze
Gifted from a sky
by one needle tip size of a shine
Of this effortless
of resolution

of the known
Deep within

the title is based on a true story inspired by a chat with
a traveller from Jordan and
Stay firm he said
and I kept it
all the way on my mind
a word of blessing
a taste of knowing and trust




Heal heal your lines distantly
As this divine wind blows
Through Your fingertips and palms
Sing a song To the pine
Your everlasting friend
who listens smilingly
and let the untouched touch
touch through its needles
To replace the wounds
to their primordial
by the ever flowing light
of this fall of abundance
from the cave of
open to any heart
To Actualize
sleeping ones
To funnel
by reshaping
those lost ones
and bring them all
to their deserving realms
Where the world
shall celebrate
The warm bath
of unification

pure desire


Pure desire is what shaped this body
Pure desire is what healed this finger I burnt yesterday
instantaneously with just one mantra
so that I can write my love word to you

Pure desire is what I am
And will be
for one of your touch
And shall stay so
always near
or from far away
with whoever you wish to be
Feeling you this way
Is my joy
I shall gift as love
And sprinkle to universe
Knowing you are I

Wishing you gift
This passion
To enlighten and rise
Humanity to a level
That they truly are
And should be
The highest
Of gods
And goddesses

Let’s touch them
With pure love
Let them be free
Free oh free
Peace to three worlds
Of hearts
Let them make love
And stay free

No matter what forms
you choose to assume
Which life stories
you get involved in
I only know you as I know myself
When every morning
I open my eyes
Rested or tired
in dim lights
By one of your call
Of my name in your
I shall awaken
And kiss you
as if you are by my side
In serene silence
Listen to the dawn-welcomers
and know your heart is with me
Just as today
Just as yesterday
Just as now

You have no names for me
All names are you
Your name equals to all names
I shall always remain
After and before a touch
As one language
Of pure desire for you

Pure desire is what enlightens my path
To give birth to you by my breath
And make love to you in human form
Pure desire is what keeps me long
for the eternal day in shapeless form
I’ll stay in one posture of our love
Of you and I

Once my duty as a beloved
Is completed
On this world

For you
for you
for you

I was born in love with you

I was already born in love with you
A body shaped for your love
A love that a body cannot hold alone

I was born in love with you
and with you
A You that I have studied from the start of times that made me Me
and You

I was already born in love with you
Knowing such love cannot only be reserved for an I apart
but for the variegated forms of you as I
all as the universe a truth
And that’s how
And that’s why
I have shaped
By one of your
By one of your loving
As I have shaped
for you

I wrote this for a flower i touched 2 weeks ago and wished from it to become very beautiful and it did so .
It is a true story . I remember falling for you when I was a baby looking to your eyes and feeling shy. The shyness shall be analyzed, understood and resolved …