ideally reversible equation of Rose Mantra

yoga = union
this post is about
the logic of the Mantra of a Rose (my previous post)

explained using variables for action and fruit from my personal story.

I do yoga (action)
receive (gift) a rose (fruit) from my yoga teacher

I make a drawing of that most beautiful rose (action)
and gift it to my yoga teacher (recycle the fruit heartily) on the same day that I decide (from my heart) to gift the goods of my last yoga exercise of the year (a namaste) to all that I have had a connection in any type of way until this time knowing all things and beings have been the reason of my growth that brings about  this enlightening wish

at the end of the exercise I receive a mantra from the teacher (a purifying exercise ) that tells :
choose the very first words for yourself as a gift that is most a blessing and is for you. (my wish is being recycled here)
The words come to me in Two Letters as one word –  gifted to me by a friendly comment of an author  becomes now a gift for all (union without the exclusion of the separate self (as Rupert Spira explains it))

this is an equation of a union of pure data to me – it is all the same data science – yoga science as you peel the layers slowly and as you approach to the core of things…. truth is one


why are you alone?

but I am not alone!
there is so much
of the blessed around me
and at these times
all of these
one by one
of me
but when I am lonely
nothing and nobody
can help
this also means
I am not there
and when I am not there
there is not a thing or a being
that can be there for me
because I am not there
you see?

this is about the
longing for the self
these are residues
it comes and goes
until that one and true self
is reinstalled
all you do is work with it
by keeping the one pointed
through lost and found
you work hand in hand
with the teacher in you
accept being the student
until you two are
inseparably one

writing about these
is no poetry
observing duality
is one step towards
the experience of freedom
the experience of the freedom
is a unification of the self
with selves and things
is one step towards the divine
as for the divine there is no
means of separation
it is one
an undefinable
subject of a
poetic being
of all united poetry

would that be a living poetry?

we will never be able to know
until we are it and when we are it
we will never be writing