20 cents! a poem by L’alin



as the long coated tall man digressed
a spinning coin became her translucent globe
permitting a time stretch
until a decision was made

the rhythm of spinning
arched her doubts
to a half smiling one armed body
that could pick it up remotely but promptly
in public space

an alluring method of an actress knowing the stage
unhearing unseeing her spectators
while permeating the act
through their matter

this last adorably nonchalant grin
hanging the mouth half up and half down
spilled the words: ‘so this one is for me then!’

when the long coated man loomed
she was already holding it firm in her right palm
extraneous blushing thoughts with a long narrative
of giving it back
raised thousand  rehearsals as polluted air
in shorter than a minute of turning the head to fixate

and dissipated

before the  trash could handle the reforming flush
I reached out for her help
with my puppet headedness
come on I said what is 20 cents
preserve it to recycle for my lucky star at least
she, relieved  nodded
and placed the coin in a front section of her whistling memory
which finally today tinkled and jingled a street musician’s ultroneous hat

visiting my sanctuary



happy birthday card

When I was  a kid I used to make drawings and give them away as presents on anniversaries .  (good to go when you don’t have money to buy stuff Haha!) The last drawings (feels like some ages ago) I guess was a decade ago.

Now being  jobless since a while I thought I have a dream again.
I thought I will make a drawing for an old friend’s birthday and send it … just as I used to do when we were kids.

She was happily shocked to open my card (she says) 🙂
I said ‘make a wish , apparently some do come true’.

Two apples

The less spectacular and bold a road the more interesting it is mentally.

It is like a blank canvas where mind acts selective to grasp colors through and compose.

I have been biking today not so willing at first considering the warm wind from the south penetrating with its heaviness through my flesh but I decided to move on.

I started the route wondering if I were fit enough to go. It turns out we always are fit enough until we’ll be blocked by shadowing thoughts. Logic tells if you weren’t then you would not even start bugging about it.

It is interesting to see how thoughts start flowing then and gradually get fluent as ‘we’ accelerate.

I stopped questioning why I should be taking exact same route for the third time.

Would that be because of comfort (for sure) or because I did not feel like stopping for even one minute of hesitation this time or is that called laziness? The teasing sound in my head insisted to : come on …go discover a new route now ! You have seen that one twice already!

Well I ignored that sound and continued and I am glad I did.

Because by that decision I could discover something very important today that could lead the day and after.

First I released inconvenient demons, bits of me slowly behind me.
Superfluous vapor made an imaginary gray track and transformed to a natural phenomenon in the air – something that can raise up to join the rain clouds.

Then I met myself from the past two tracks. Those me’s were obviously pinned for good on invisible parts of that route. Thoughts spoke out as gold mine or as a secret code that could be revised and learned from.
I got amazed how beneficial it is taking the route third time and meeting the learnings of my forgotten/left-beyond-the-daily-thoughts spirits from the past two tracks.

Sure! I am a multidimensional synaesthetic at times when I get sensation of things out of blue.

My day started with the spirit of thyme then on the road I felt like a mouth watering bite of an apple while I thought of doing the 210 km Norway track with someone and while I was wondering if there would possibly be a rewarding store at the beach from where I could get an apple.

The moment all that converted to a cinnamon taste – an association for a cinnamon cookie usually served beside a cup of coffee at the beach – I looked up to complement the sensations with my body and saw that mysterious response by nature.

An apple tree! At the side of a road. With plenty of ripe apples under it and two fresh ones on the branch looking at me. Well sure I stopped and picked one for me and one for you as I always do.

And one from under the tree to eat at the beach.

Well I like sharing stuff so later on I shared the apple with a black crow at the beach that was patiently observing me and waiting for me to share. He put his feet protectively on it and chased the other jealous crows during eating joyfully and affirmatively. Yes we had a deal! And we both knew from the start. Well I hope this will be a good sign for my slowly shaping 210 km Norway track.

Along the route I met the garden of the gnome-house. I call him like that as he was doing gardening the past 2 times in the gnome garden. He was not there this time but there was light inside. I peeped through during passing to see more but did not stop of course.

It is a secret to pass by.

I suspect the big old man with a beer belly taking care of the garden and the house is meant for a gnome family.

This guy himself is as big as the house itself and the garden.

He can hardly fit in there so I seriously suspect he is the housekeeper of a gnome mansion.

Finally I had a nice walk at the beach. I saw a mandala made by seashells and a secret gate.

I shared my apple with the crow and returned from a new route that was spread open to me suddenly.

That was the surprise really.

The difference just comes to you when you take the effort to be where you really are.

12 km

I have been madly biking past 2 days. I finally found myself at the end of the region wishing to cross the sea. After a pic shooting walk at the lonely beach my hands were numb but I found that out only after being unable to unlock my bike so I went for a coffee- makes sense the wind is against me on my return.